LMC Office Information

Malaysia  LMC Goals and Objectives:

The Malaysia LMC has formed as a membership group committed to supporting all ASQ programs and services for members in Malaysia. The LMC is the focal point and local contact for the ASQ members in Malaysia and as such the LMC will take on supporting local members, bringing them together, and to involve them in activities and to offer them possibilities to contribute to the society and to quality. The LMC will also strive for a good understanding and cooperation with all other reliable local quality societies located in Malaysia.


Malaysia LMC Governance Structure

The officer positions of this LMC include:

LMC Chair

LMC Vice-Chair

Membership Chair

Certification Chair

Communications Chair

Area Chair (North, South, Central and West)

LMC Secretary



2 years for all position



Every two years we will send an email to all ASQ members in Malaysia asking for nominations for officer positions. Members interested in becoming officers may also nominate themselves. To become an officer of the LMC a member must be an ASQ Full member in good standing.

After the qualified applicants are identified, we will hold an election and ask all the ASQ  members in Malaysia to vote. The applicant that receive the most votes for each position will be elected. Once elected the officers will stay in office for 2 years. Elections take place in April, terms will begin once ASQ Global approved the LMC



The Malaysia LMC will form the following committees:

Membership Committee

Certification Committee

Communications Committee

The committee chair will elect 5 members to the committee for two-year terms. The committees are responsible for setting objectives and a plan to carry out the objectives and then submitting 2 reports to the officers each year.


Role and responsibilities for each functions

Position Title: Chair


Has the primary role in advocacy for the organization

Is a partner with the vice-chairman in achieving the member unit’s mission.


Be aware of the goals of the organization

Liaise closely with the officers or any other relevant member in promoting the organization

Contribute in developing agendas for the organization

Evaluate annually the performance of the organization in achieving its mission.


Position Title: Vice-Chair


The vice-chair is a member of the board

Assumes the chair of the community in the event it becomes temporarily or permanently vacant.


Support the chair to ensure the effective functioning of the community

In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair assumes the responsibilities of the chair

Assume whatever duties are assigned to him by the chairman or the board


Position Title: Secretary


The secretary is a member of the board.

The secretary takes part in all activities of the LMC, particularly as a record-keeper.


Act as secretary for the business part of each meeting

Keep all community records & correspondence

Records meeting minutes

Submits reports to ASQ Global

Keep lists of members & prospective members up to date

Assist in managing and controlling the Nomination and Election process


Position Title: Events (Membership, Communication, Certification and Area) Committee Chair


The Events Committee will consist of the chair and at least 1 member (except areas chair).

The committee Chairperson is a member of the board.


Creates & plans related programs & resources in accordance with the mission and strategic goals of the community.

Oversee the development and delivery of plan programming intended to meet the needs of the local & regional Quality professionals.